Amos Fortune: Free Man Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Elizabeth Yates
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Africa 1725

• The At-mun-shi, people are preparing for a dance to welcome the corn crop.

• The king begins by beating on a drum and is answered by other drums.
• At-mun, the king's son, is looking at his sister Ath-mun when shots ring out in the village, and the king falls dead.
• At-mun runs to protect his sister, but is taken away by two white men who put bamboo withes on him.

• He tells his sister to hold her head high and reminds her that she is royalty and must lead their people through this horrible experience.

The Middle Passage

• At-mun stays awake on the river trip when most of the others are sleeping so that he will be able to lead his people back if he gets a chance.

• At-mun prays to the Spirit of the Night and his father's spirit to help him know what to do.

• He...

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