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Short Answer Questions

1. That winter what announcement does Sheila make?

2. Who do the girls always bring Rose information about?

3. Who does Sheila invite to the wedding without consulting anyone?

4. What is the name of Sheila's boyfriend?

5. Sheila and Mona send a note to Moran and Rose telling them that Michael is where?

Short Essay Questions

1. In Section 5, what fills the house with joy?

2. Why do the children appreciate Rose as a new addition to the family?

3. What bad habits does Michael engage in once all his sisters leave the house?

4. How does Moran respond to Michael's new way of life?

5. What begins to happen to Moran physically after Maggie brings home her newborn son?

6. What shocks the girls at the St. Stephens Day dance?

7. How does the family respond to Maggie's fiance, Mark O'Donaghue?

8. Why is Moran threatened by Rose?

9. Why is Moran out of sorts the morning after he fights with Rose?

10. What subject infuriates Moran and sparks a fight between he and Rose?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Hubris plays a major role in the a few of the characters in the novel. Explore the role of hubris in novel and explain whether or not you think it had a positive or negative affect (or both) on the characters. Be sure to not only define hubris but explain how it affected the characters.

Essay Topic 2

The setting of Amongst Women plays a big role in the story itself. Describe the setting, both historically and geographically, and explain why it is so important to the novel and the development of the characters. Use examples from the novel to support your answer.

Essay Topic 3

Analyze the tone of the novel.

1. Discuss how the setting plays a role in creating the tone.

2. Discuss how the characters' actions help build the tone.

3. Discuss how the dialogue supports the tone.

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