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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Moran react when the girls bring up some of the stories they have heard spoken of about Monaghan Days past?
(a) He speaks openly about the horrors of the war.
(b) He gets embarrassed and quiet.
(c) He ignores them and pretends he didn't hear them talking.
(d) He gets angry and asks them to stop talking.

2. After not seeing Rose at the post office, what does Moran do?
(a) Moran calls Rose at home.
(b) Moran sends Rose a letter.
(c) Moran gives up and finds a new woman.
(d) Moran believes Rose hates him.

3. What word best describes Moran's feelings about the wedding?
(a) Frustration.
(b) Apathy.
(c) Anger.
(d) Happiness.

4. What does McQuaid find overbearing about Moran's personality?
(a) Moran's regret about post-war Ireland.
(b) Moran's praise of his children.
(c) Moran's constant need to be right.
(d) Moran's treatment of women.

5. How does Rose meet Moran?
(a) Waiting for the mail at the post office.
(b) They have mutual family friends.
(c) He ran into her on the street.
(d) They go to the same deli.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Rose make a habit of joining the evening mail group?

2. Why is Moran so annoyed by McQuaid's car?

3. What is Rose's first impression of Moran after they first meet?

4. What does Moran realize about McQuaid once his stay is over?

5. How does Rose feel about the idea of a revival of Monaghan Day?

Short Essay Questions

1. In Section 1, what seems to foreshadow a change of power between the family members?

2. Describe the relationship between Moran and McQuaid.

3. What does McQuaid mean when he says, "Some people can not bear to come in second"?

4. What makes the girls tense when Moran and McQuaid are talking?

5. How does Moran justify his resentment towards McQuaid?

6. What are Moran's feelings about Rose during their post office courtship?

7. What does Moran realize as McQuaid leaves the house?

8. What is the importance of the ritual of the Rosary?

9. Why is Moran angry that more than half his children left Ireland to work in England?

10. Why does Moran speak so highly about the war?

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