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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When McQuaid leaves he says, "Some people can not bear to come in second", to whom is he referring?
(a) Sheila.
(b) Rose.
(c) Moran.
(d) Maggie.

2. Other than love, what is a possible reason for Rose to marry Moran?
(a) She wanted to live at Great Meadow.
(b) Moran's children needed a mother.
(c) The security of his money.
(d) The desire for a family.

3. Saying the Rosary is significant in what religion?
(a) Mormanism.
(b) Catholicism.
(c) Buddhism.
(d) Christianity.

4. What rumor does McQuaid bring up about Moran?
(a) Moran is dying.
(b) Moran is courting again.
(c) Moran is bankrupt.
(d) Moran is planning to move.

5. Why is Moran so annoyed by McQuaid's car?
(a) Moran drives a BMW and believes them to be superior.
(b) Moran finds displays of money vulgar and only for show.
(c) Moran is jealous of the car and wishes he had one.
(d) Moran doesn't own a car and thinks McQuaid should buy him one.

Short Answer Questions

1. What two things does McQuaid compliment as he sits with Moran?

2. How is Rose handling Moran's possible death?

3. The last true Monaghan Day marks a time when the girls remember their father as what?

4. Where did Rose work prior to returning to Ireland?

5. How does Moran feel about Monaghan Days of past?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the importance of the ritual of the Rosary?

2. Explain Rose's role in the Moran family.

3. How does Moran justify his resentment towards McQuaid?

4. What is the girls' plan for making their father feel better?

5. Why do the girls try so desperately to move Moran's attention away from Luke?

6. What conclusion does Moran come to about Rose Brady?

7. Describe the relationship between Rose and Moran's children.

8. Why does McQuaid leave Great Meadow early?

9. Why is it important that Moran's aging and increasing weakness is foreshadowed in Section 1 of the book?

10. Why is Moran ill tempered at the beginning of Section 2?

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