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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Michael do when Moran lunges at him?
(a) Michael avoids the lunge and escapes the house.
(b) Michael wrestles Moran to the ground and the two stop when Rose comes in.
(c) Michael swings back and breaks Moran's nose.
(d) Michael gets hit and cries in the corner.

2. Michael is caught flirting with Nell Morahan. What is her reputation?
(a) She is younger and immature.
(b) She is older and promiscuous.
(c) She is mean and rude to men.
(d) She is shy and rarely talks to men.

3. On the way home from the wedding, what does Moran make everyone do in the car to save time?
(a) Change out of their wedding clothes.
(b) Say the Rosary.
(c) Open the wedding gifts.
(d) Eat their dinner.

4. When Michael doesn't show up for the Rosary, where do Moran and Rose assume he is?
(a) New York.
(b) At the pub.
(c) London.
(d) Dublin.

5. What does Moran eye during the fight that makes Michael nervous?
(a) Michael's suitcase.
(b) The Rosary beads.
(c) The shotgun.
(d) A kitchen knife.

6. Where does Michael go instead of going to school?
(a) Michael travels back to Dublin.
(b) Michael tries to find Nell.
(c) Michael travels to London to find Luke.
(d) Michael skips school to go to a bar.

7. In the midst of his conflict with Michael, what can be considered Moran's anchor?
(a) His friendship with McQuaid.
(b) The ritual of the Rosary.
(c) His relationship with Rose.
(d) The distraction of the farm.

8. What does Michael do that shocks the girls and allows them to see him in a different light?
(a) He talks back to Moran.
(b) He drinks a beer.
(c) He ignores his daily chores.
(d) He kisses a woman.

9. What chore does Moran gather the children to do?
(a) Mow and gather the hay.
(b) Wash the dishes.
(c) Pick the fruit from the trees.
(d) Clean all the windows.

10. How does Maggie fill her time since she no longer has household chores to do?
(a) Listens to the radio.
(b) Goes out at night to dances.
(c) Explores the farm.
(d) Studies for her nursing exams.

11. Sheila and Mona send a note to Moran and Rose telling them that Michael is where?
(a) Dublin.
(b) Lost.
(c) New York.
(d) London.

12. Who stood in for Moran during Maggie's wedding?
(a) Michael.
(b) McQuaid.
(c) Mark's father.
(d) Luke.

13. What does Young Michael tend to?
(a) Rose's flower garden.
(b) The farm animals.
(c) The family pet.
(d) The household chores.

14. What does Maggie report that Luke is doing in London?
(a) Working as a teacher.
(b) Studying accountancy.
(c) Studying to be a doctor.
(d) Working as an electrician.

15. What does young Michael get when Rose and Moran begin sharing a room?
(a) Extra free time.
(b) More chores.
(c) His own room.
(d) A new pet.

Short Answer Questions

1. Rose visits her family to swap what?

2. What petty thing sparks a fight between Moran and Michael?

3. That winter what announcement does Sheila make?

4. What benefits do the girls receive by having Rose around?

5. Who do the girls always bring Rose information about?

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