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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What seems to be foreshadowed about Moran's health in the first few paragraphs of the book?
(a) Moran has an inccurrable illness.
(b) Moran is growing weaker.
(c) Moran is getting stronger.
(d) Moran is losing his mind.

2. When McQuaid leaves he says, "Some people can not bear to come in second", to whom is he referring?
(a) Maggie.
(b) Rose.
(c) Sheila.
(d) Moran.

3. What is the relationship between Rose and Moran?
(a) Rose is Moran's first wife.
(b) Rose is Moran's mother.
(c) Rose is Moran's second wife.
(d) Rose is Moran's nurse.

4. Despite having less money and worldly possessions; what makes Moran feel superior to McQuaid?
(a) Moran's home and farm: Great Meadow.
(b) Moran's heroics during the war.
(c) Moran feels that McQuaid is superior.
(d) Moran's devotion to his family.

5. What word best explains how Moran is acting in regards to his own possible death?
(a) Unnerved.
(b) Anxious.
(c) Nervous.
(d) Pathetic.

6. What does McQuaid find overbearing about Moran's personality?
(a) Moran's regret about post-war Ireland.
(b) Moran's praise of his children.
(c) Moran's treatment of women.
(d) Moran's constant need to be right.

7. After the war, what does Moran give to McQuaid?
(a) A house.
(b) Livestock.
(c) Advice.
(d) Money.

8. What does McQuaid chastise Moran for NOT doing after the war?
(a) Joining him in business.
(b) Selling his farm.
(c) Applying for pension.
(d) Leaving Ireland.

9. Which two characters prepare the house for the big celebration?
(a) Sheila and Mona.
(b) Mona and Maggie.
(c) Maggie and Rose.
(d) Moran and McQuaid.

10. Moran's daughters plan a surprise revival of what special day?
(a) Moran's birthday.
(b) Monaghan Day.
(c) Moran and Rose's anniversary.
(d) Christmas Day.

11. Why does Rose stop going to the post office?
(a) She can't leave her father alone in the house.
(b) She gives up on the idea of becoming a mail carrier.
(c) She decides if Moran wants to see her, he will come to her.
(d) She stops receiving mail so there is no reason to go.

12. What topic threatens to sour the mood of Moran?
(a) Luke.
(b) Rose.
(c) The war.
(d) The Republic of Ireland.

13. What does Rose know about Moran before she even meets him?
(a) Moran is rich man with a lot of land.
(b) Moran is a heroic war veteran.
(c) Moran is a widower raising children alone.
(d) Moran is a ladies man who is not to be trusted.

14. What term is used to describe the rumors floating around about Moran?
(a) "Dark mutterings".
(b) "Eloborate tales".
(c) "False assumptions".
(d) "Hushed secrets".

15. Where did Rose work prior to returning to Ireland?
(a) Scotland.
(b) Spain.
(c) United States of America.
(d) England.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Moran realize about Rose once McQuaid leaves Great Meadows?

2. What lie does McQuaid tell Moran at the end of their discussion?

3. How does Moran explain life during the war compared to his life now?

4. What excuse does Moran give as to why he invited McQuaid to the celebration?

5. How does Moran feel about Monaghan Days of past?

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