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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Section 5 (pages 91 - 124).

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Michael do that shocks the girls and allows them to see him in a different light?
(a) He kisses a woman.
(b) He talks back to Moran.
(c) He drinks a beer.
(d) He ignores his daily chores.

2. Who helps Rose sneak something into the wardrobe?
(a) Her sister.
(b) Her step-daughters.
(c) Her mother.
(d) She does it alone.

3. Despite the fact that he asks for the opinions of others, what does Moran usually do?
(a) Moran does what the Lord tells him to do.
(b) Moran does what his daughters tell him is best.
(c) Moran just does whatever he wishes.
(d) Moran does whatever Rose wants.

4. What does Moran do when he catches Michael coming home late one night?
(a) Bans Michael from Great Meadow.
(b) Hits him with a dictionary.
(c) Strikes him around the head.
(d) Yells at him until morning.

5. What does Rose know about Moran before she even meets him?
(a) Moran is a widower raising children alone.
(b) Moran is rich man with a lot of land.
(c) Moran is a heroic war veteran.
(d) Moran is a ladies man who is not to be trusted.

Short Answer Questions

1. The once strong Moran is now dealing with the irony of what?

2. Rose visits her family to swap what?

3. How does Moran explain life during the war compared to his life now?

4. How many daughter's does Moran have?

5. What does Moran spread across the fields?

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