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Lesson 1 (from Section 1 (pages 1 - 8))


Section 1 (pages 1 - 8)

The start of this story foreshadows a change of powers. Moran, who is normally strong and in control, is sick and weak. The females in his life are finding the strength necessary to care for Moran as well as their own families. This lesson will define foreshadowing and focus on the importance of it in this novel as well as other literature.


1.) Class Orientation. This object of this assignment is to gauge how much the students already know about the literary device of foreshadowing. Each student will take out a piece of paper and define in their own words what foreshadowing is. Underneath their definition, they should give at least one example of foreshadowing from a book they have read previously. For students who have trouble with this, allow them to use an example from a movie. The students will then share...

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