Amongst Women Character Descriptions

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Michael Moran, Sr. - This character rules the family with a strict discipline. This character is hard-working and expects everyone else to be the same.

Rose Moran (nee Brady) - This character seeks to be the peacemaker wherever possible. This character is totally accepted within the household and is kind to the children.

Luke Moran - This character is settled in London and estranged from their father.

Maggie Moran - This character is tall and attractive and compliant to Moran's authority. This character had a desire to leave home and take up nursing.

Mona Moran - This character is beautiful, bright and outgoing. This character studied hard and went on to become a civil servant in Dublin.

Sheila Moran - This character pretended to be sick to avoid the preparation for the last real Monaghan Day.

Michael Moran, Jr. - This character is kind to animals and...

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