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Section 1 (pages 1 - 8)

• The Moran girls are visiting Great Meadow (their childhood home) to cheer up their ailing father, Michael Moran, Sr.
• Michael Moran, Sr. (Moran) and his old army buddy ,McQuaid spend the day retelling old war stories
• The three daughters, Mona, Sheila, and Maggie, try desperately to keep the conversation away from their absent brother, Luke.
• Although the Monaghan Day celebration is usually Moran's favorite day, he is old and ill and unamused with the day's events.

• Moran spends the day complaining about how life was more simple during the war.
• Rose, Moran's second wife, hides a Franciscan robe in the wardrobe so Moran won't find it.

Section 2 (pages 8-22)

• Section 2 is a flashback to the last real Monaghan Day celebration, which unfolds much like the day described in Section 1, but Moran is much younger and more in control.
• McQuaid talks about business and we learn...

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