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Bill Buford
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Steve believe about the mob mentality in "Sunderland and Manchester"?
(a) The hype is so addictive.
(b) They should have more leaders within the mob.
(c) The police should allow the violence to happen since it is organized and planned.
(d) The police should intervene.

2. Which of the following is not mentioned being beaten by the English?
(a) An Italian's head is smashed.
(b) An eleven year old boy.
(c) A woman with a baby.
(d) A man in front of his family.

3. What is "the shove"?
(a) A method of fighting.
(b) The initiating moment of a football game.
(c) An ineffective way of entering a fight.
(d) A method of pushing the person in front of you to force the mob to move.

4. Who is Roy Downes?
(a) A true thug.
(b) A lawyer.
(c) A bookie.
(d) A pub owner.

5. Buford notes how much alcohol he has consumed with the man he meets in "Manchester." How much is it?
(a) A bottle of Vodka and 4 cans of lager.
(b) 2 cans of bitter and 8 pints of lager.
(c) 4 shots and 7 pints of lager.
(d) 2 cans of lager and 8 pints of bitter.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Mark point out to Buford in "Sunderland and Manchester" relating to mob violence?

2. What does Buford address in his book "Among the Thugs"?

3. How does Buford feel about the English football game at the end of the first chapter?

4. What is the Manchester football fan club named?

5. Who is Tony Roberts?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does the Italian army arrive and escort them to the match in "Turin"?

2. Explain what Mick arranges for Buford in "Manchester."

3. What does Buford learn about those traveling on his flight to Turin in "Manchester"?

4. What does Buford notice about the flight to Turin that ends up proving himself wrong?

5. What does Mick say makes a good leader within the ICJ?

6. Why are Buford's friends surprised at Buford's reaction to the crowd's behavior at the train station?

7. What does Buford learn about the people high in command in the ICJ when he travels to Turin?

8. Who arrives at the Stamford Bridge in "A Station outside Cardiff" and what do they do?

9. What happens as Jackie attempts to distribute the crowd to their respective hotels?

10. What does the police superintendent R. McAllister want to discuss with Buford at the beginning of "Sunderland and Manchester"?

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