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Bill Buford
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do the English fans do to the Italian crowd in "Turin"?
(a) Urinate on them.
(b) Throw a bottle at them and moon them.
(c) Spit on them.
(d) Yell at them.

2. What does a "package" include?
(a) Hotel and tickets.
(b) Air travel and hotel.
(c) Air travel, hotel, and match tickets.
(d) Tickets and a meal plan

3. Who is Tony Roberts?
(a) A true thug.
(b) A well dressed leader who jumps from position to position.
(c) A football player.
(d) A pub owner.

4. Who else does the man Buford meets in "Manchester" mention being involved with the ICJ?
(a) Royce Doons and Bobby Ban.
(b) Roy Downes and Banana Bob.
(c) Ray Deer and Bob Bob.
(d) Raye Down and Bann Bobby.

5. Buford notes how much alcohol he has consumed with the man he meets in "Manchester." How much is it?
(a) 2 cans of bitter and 8 pints of lager.
(b) A bottle of Vodka and 4 cans of lager.
(c) 2 cans of lager and 8 pints of bitter.
(d) 4 shots and 7 pints of lager.

6. What do the fans do as they exit the plane in "Turin"?
(a) Run and chant.
(b) Board buses.
(c) Walk to the stadium.
(d) Board a train.

7. While Buford waits for his tickets to be set up, who throws bottle and debris at their head beneath the stadium in "Turin"?
(a) Children.
(b) Italians.
(c) The women.
(d) English.

8. Who does Buford meet and spend a long and informative evening with in "Manchester"?
(a) Nick.
(b) Chuck.
(c) Mick.
(d) Mike.

9. What happens to the man that falls at the beginning of the book?
(a) He is given food.
(b) He is taken home.
(c) He is murdered.
(d) He is arrested.

10. What does Buford realize as he talks to the men in "Sunderland and Manchester"?
(a) They take pride in their positions and want to inform the world of them.
(b) They are violent and hot headed.
(c) They are arrogant.
(d) They are down to earth.

11. What is Buford's first game?
(a) Juventis-Hotspur.
(b) Manchester-Turin.
(c) Tottenham-Hotspur.
(d) Tottenham-Manchester.

12. What does Buford purchase from the man he meets in "Manchester"?
(a) The package.
(b) His game tickets.
(c) His watch.
(d) His airfare to the next game.

13. Why are the Manchester supporters humiliated by the West Ham supporters in "Sunderland and Manchester"?
(a) More Mancherster fans were killed than West Ham.
(b) They walked away.
(c) The West Ham supporters do not flinch at the bottles thrown at them.
(d) They beat them up.

14. Where does Buford retreat to jot down the stories the men give him in "Sunderland and Manchester"?
(a) Upstairs.
(b) The car.
(c) The bathroom.
(d) His hotel.

15. What does Robert point out to Buford in "Sunderland and Manchester" relating to mob violence?
(a) No one can control it.
(b) The mob has to have humor as well.
(c) The women allow it.
(d) The police allow it.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Buford feel about the crowds at the games at the end of "A Station Outside Cardiff"?

2. Where was the first game Buford attended?

3. How much alcohol does the man Buford meets in "Manchester" consume?

4. Why is Buford amazed by the men in ICJ he meet in "Turin".

5. What is Brunswick?

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