Objects & Places from Among the Thugs

Bill Buford
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Football - This is the English word for the game of soccer.

Simple Squeeze - This term involves lifting an arm and slipping it through a hole between two people, and then twisting the body to slide between the individuals.

Shove - This term involves violently pushing into the person directly ahead in an effort to push the entire mob forward.

ICJ - This is the group that follows Manchester United football team.

Turin Juventus - This is the team that competes against the Manchester United after which the English supporters destroy part of the city.

First National Front - This is a group of political racists who aim to rid England of all minority races.

Skinhead - This person is a member of the NF that generally believes in white supremacy.

Moody - This term is the English word for counterfeit money.

The Cage - This...

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