Daily Lessons for Teaching Among the Thugs

Bill Buford
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Lesson 1 (from A Station outside Cardiff)


A Station outside Cardiff

Bill Buford writes a book about the football firms of English football. Through interviews and firsthand experience he is able to reach a better understanding for the motivation of the violence and mayhem the football fans bring. This lesson will look at Buford's reasons and motivations for writing this book.


1. Class Discussion:

Buford begins his book at a train station where he witnesses the mayhem of the football supporters. As a class, discuss why Buford is motivated to research European football fans. What makes this topic intriguing to Buford and what makes it intriguing to others?

2. Partner Activity:

Select a partner and discuss how Buford first thinks the violence and mayhem of the fans is random, but then quickly changes his mind and sees that it is planned. How do you think this might make Buford more intrigued with the idea...

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