Among the Thugs Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Bill Buford
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A Station outside Cardiff

• Chapter 1: A Station outside Cardiff

• Bill Buford begins his book about English football firms by describing their violent behaviors as fans.

• Buford is able to better understand the reasoning behind the intense violence by experiencing the violence first hand.

• Through the violence, alcohol, and mob mentality Buford perceives a deeper understanding of European football.
• Buford begins his book at a train station outside Cardiff where he notices policemen approaching a platform.

• Quickly Buford realizes the police are awaiting the football supporters from Liverpool.

• Buford is surprised at first, but realizes the mayhem and violence of the mob as they change trains.

• He attends his first football game played by Tottenham and Hotspur.
• Buford then decides to attend a game on his own and goes to the Stamford Bridge.

• As he arrives at "the Shed" or terrace on the Chelsea side he notices police approaching...

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