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Margaret Haddix
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Short Answer Questions

1. Jen's father informs Luke that he is now in danger too. Why is Luke in danger?

2. In Chapter 17, how many days does Luke wait for another opportunity to sneak over to Jen's house?

3. How many times does Luke visit Jen in March?

4. Why is the Government forbidding Luke's dad from doing a particular thing in Chapter 21?

5. Luke asks Jen's father why he wants to help him; how does he respond?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Jen tell Luke about when she was younger and going to play groups with other third children?

2. How was Jen killed?

3. What does Jen's father tell the Population Police to get them to leave his house?

4. Why does Jen's father believe the Government keeps people hovering around the poverty level?

5. What is different about Jen's parents getting pregnant with her versus Luke's parents having him?

6. What does Luke now realize about how he can create change in the world, but in a different way than Jen?

7. What does Jen offer to Luke in Chapter 17 that is illegal?

8. Why does Jen's dad inform Luke that he is now in danger of the Population Police?

9. How does Jen plan on getting the rally she has planned?

10. What does Jen's father say in response to Luke being shocked that he works for the Population Police?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Examine the use of flashbacks in narrative writing and explore those used in the novel "Among the Hidden". How does the use of flashbacks help develop the main character? Are the flashbacks used in this novel important for the development of his character? Would the reader like more flashbacks to learn even more about the character?

Essay Topic 2

Luke's family displays a startling lack of empathy for his position, while Luke is a highly empathetic child. Analyze the concept of empathy throughout the novel. What examples from the book demonstrate the lack of empathy Luke's family has for his situation? How does Luke's father and brothers treat him versus his mother? How does Luke show empathy for his mother?

Essay Topic 3

Luke started out the story as a scared, powerless twelve-year-old who had no hope of ever living a normal life. Throughout the book he goes through a tremendous change and is no longer that same person at the end. Explore the theme of coming of age, and analysis the changes in Luke's character. What does coming of age mean? How did meeting Jen change Luke's life? How have Luke's ideals and goals changed? What has Luke learned about himself and life?

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