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Margaret Haddix
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Chapter 17, what does Jen tell Luke that her mother dragged her out to go do?
(a) Shopping for flowers.
(b) Grocery shopping.
(c) Shopping at the mall.
(d) Jewelry shopping.

2. Jen sends Luke home with a bunch of books. What is the name of the book Luke struggles to read?
(a) The Population Disasters.
(b) The Food Crisis.
(c) The Population Crisis.
(d) The Food Disasters.

3. What does Jen say to Luke after he tells her he will see her after the rally?
(a) She tells him they can hope.
(b) She tells him he can bet on it!
(c) She tells him it's not likely.
(d) She tells him she can't wait.

4. Why won't Luke agree to come to the rally with Jen?
(a) He is too angry.
(b) He does not believe it's right.
(c) He's embarrassed.
(d) He is too frightened.

5. How is Jen able to check outside for Luke's signal without being seen every day?
(a) She uses binoculars.
(b) She uses a special camera.
(c) She has mirrors placed by each of the doors and windows of her home.
(d) She very carefully picks out the window.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Jen's father react to how Luke answers his question about why he didn't stop Jen from going to the rally?

2. What new name is Luke given?

3. What did Jen's father have to bribe the policemen with?

4. How many times does Luke visit Jen in February?

5. What time of day does Jen promise to check outside everyday for Luke's signal?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Luke's father get a letter from the Government for in Chapter 21?

2. Why does Jen tell Luke not to feel guilty about being a third child?

3. What is different about Jen's parents getting pregnant with her versus Luke's parents having him?

4. What does Luke say when Jen asks him if he thinks his brothers would ever betray him?

5. Why does Luke log onto Jen's family's computer after he breaks into their house?

6. Why does the government not want Luke's dad growing hydroponic vegetables?

7. What does Jen tell Luke about when she was younger and going to play groups with other third children?

8. Why does Jen's father believe the Government keeps people hovering around the poverty level?

9. What signal have Luke and Jen arranged so that Luke will know when it's okay to come and visit her again?

10. How does Luke lull himself into a false sense of security in Chapter 21?

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