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Margaret Haddix
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Jen's father put him hand over Luke's mouth after the Population Police leave?
(a) He doesn't want him to scream.
(b) He wants Luke to listen to him before he talks.
(c) He wants to make sure the police are completely gone.
(d) The police have planted listening devices in the house and one on Jen's father.

2. Luke finally signals Jen on the third day after he meets her; what happens?
(a) She calls him on the telephone to tell him today is not a good day.
(b) She never signals him back.
(c) Surprisingly, she runs over to his house.
(d) She sends him a note saying today is not a good day.

3. Why is Jen upset with the other children in the online chat room in Chapter 20?
(a) They told her she was crazy.
(b) They don't want to come to her rally.
(c) They are discussing using fake I.D.s.
(d) They are scared to come out of hiding.

4. How does Jen plan on getting to the rally that she has planned?
(a) She's going to hitchhike.
(b) She's going to drive one of her parent's cars.
(c) She's going to ride her bike.
(d) She's going to take the bus.

5. What does Jen's dad thrust Luke into when the Population Police pound on his front door?
(a) Under the bed.
(b) The closet.
(c) Behind the sofa.
(d) A wooden chest.

6. What amazes Jen about Luke's family in Chapter 16?
(a) That they believe in the Government's propaganda.
(b) That they won't let Luke outside.
(c) That they make Luke eat on the attic stairs.
(d) That they are so terrified of the Population Police.

7. Why did the Government make it illegal to have pets?
(a) An epidemic of lice.
(b) The food shortage.
(c) They believe animals are only for eating.
(d) Because of the diseases they may carry.

8. Luke asks Jen's father why he wants to help him; how does he respond?
(a) He likes Luke.
(b) He likes helping people.
(c) He's doing it for Jen.
(d) He wants to help all shadow children.

9. Whose voice does Luke hear in his room the night Jen and the other kids leave for the rally?
(a) His mom's.
(b) Matthew's.
(c) Jen's.
(d) His dad's.

10. Why does Jen's father believe that the government intentionally keeps people hovering around the poverty level?
(a) People will work harder if they are desperate.
(b) People will work harder if they are hungry.
(c) People will work harder if they are scared.
(d) People will work harder when their existence is on the line.

11. What time does Jen want Luke to leave with her to the rally?
(a) 7:00 PM.
(b) 10:00 PM.
(c) 8:00 PM.
(d) 9:00 PM.

12. What does Jen ask Luke about his brothers in Chapter 21?
(a) If they'd ever physically hurt him.
(b) If they'd ever betray him.
(c) If they ever play with him.
(d) If they ever lock him in his room.

13. What does Luke sneak into the kitchen for the day of the rally?
(a) To look out the window.
(b) To bake some bread.
(c) To listen to the radio.
(d) To make a sandwich.

14. What does Luke learn about from the books that Jen has given him that he mentions to his dad?
(a) Using spoiled food to feed the animals.
(b) Growing food indoors.
(c) Neighbors sharing food.
(d) Canning food.

15. How does Luke break into Jen's house in Chapter 26?
(a) He picks the lock on the back door.
(b) He squeezes through an open window.
(c) He kicks in the basement door.
(d) He rips the screen and breaks a pane in one of the windows.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Jen plan on doing at the rally she is organizing?

2. What signal have Jen and Luke decided upon so Luke will know when it's okay to come and visit her again?

3. Why does Luke log on to Jen's computer after he breaks into her house?

4. Why does Jen believe there are not enough babies being born anymore?

5. What does Luke's mom think of his suggestion to her in Chapter 25?

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