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Margaret Haddix
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Jen say her dad would react if he knew she'd been looking out the window?
(a) He would be furious.
(b) He would beat her.
(c) He would laugh.
(d) He would cry.

2. What does the girl, who's a third child like Luke, do that shocks him?
(a) She picks up the phone to call her mom.
(b) She kicks Luke.
(c) She picks up the phone to call her dad.
(d) She gives Luke a big hug.

3. The female third child introduces herself as Jennifer Rose Talbot; who does she say is usually very jumpy people?
(a) Shadow kids.
(b) Forgotten kids.
(c) Third kids.
(d) Unwanted kids.

4. How does Luke feel about his parents after discovering Jen?
(a) Betrayed.
(b) Sad.
(c) Angry.
(d) Ashamed.

5. While sitting on the attic step, after how many weeks does Luke finally give up trying to keep up with his family's conversation at meal times?
(a) One week.
(b) Two weeks.
(c) Four weeks.
(d) Three weeks.

6. What does Luke call the new family that has a row of birdhouses in their backyard?
(a) The Birdy family.
(b) The Birdbrain family.
(c) The Chirpy family.
(d) The Bird bath family.

7. What did Luke's mother and father see on TV while pregnant that scared them?
(a) Pictures of what the Population Police does to third babies.
(b) The Government's ads talking about how the Population Police would do anything to enforce the law.
(c) Stories of what the Population Police does to pregnant women.
(d) Ads advertising the reward for turning in people who have more than two children.

8. What can Luke not stop thinking about, so much so that he can't even concentrate on playing with his favorite toy?
(a) His mother.
(b) His father.
(c) The outdoors.
(d) The new girl down the road.

9. What event does Luke recall that made him realize his brothers have never had to hide like him?
(a) Matthew's birthday party.
(b) His father's birthday party.
(c) His mother's birthday party.
(d) Mark's birthday party.

10. What are some of the orders Luke recalls the Government giving his family in the past?
(a) Where to plant their potatoes and how much they can plant.
(b) Where to plant their tomatoes and how much they can keep for their family.
(c) Where to plant their corn and how much to charge for their crops.
(d) Where to plant their pumpkins and where to sell them.

11. What does Luke's Dad slip quietly to Luke every day around noon?
(a) A couple cookies.
(b) Some vegetables.
(c) Two sandwiches.
(d) Soup.

12. What name do Luke's Mom and Dad call the new residents that will be living next to them?
(a) Chiefs.
(b) Earls.
(c) Lords.
(d) Barons.

13. Why doesn't Luke protest about not being able to eat at the kitchen table anymore?
(a) He is too upset.
(b) He knows he will only get himself in more trouble.
(c) He knows his family is only trying to protect him.
(d) He knows they will not listen to him.

14. Why is Luke afraid he will never be allowed outside again?
(a) Because he did not listen to his mother.
(b) Because the woods are being cut down.
(c) Because he disobeyed his father.
(d) Because he was seen by a stranger.

15. What does Luke's Dad do every day at lunchtime?
(a) Turns on the radio and eats lunch.
(b) Reads a book while eating what his wife left him for lunch.
(c) Sits and chats with Luke while they eat lunch.
(d) Watches television and eats take-out.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Luke notice about the construction workers he spies on from his room?

2. Why do Luke's brothers make fun of the bread he made?

3. What does Luke listen to while standing in the woods in Chapter 1?

4. Why does Luke's mother make him sit and eat his breakfast on the bottom step to the attic?

5. Why does Luke always pause at the bottom of the steps when he comes down for breakfast in the mornings?

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