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Margaret Haddix
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What has Luke been taught all his life to fear?
(a) Dogs.
(b) Adults.
(c) Other children.
(d) Open spaces.

2. What does the girl, who's a third child like Luke, do that shocks him?
(a) She gives Luke a big hug.
(b) She kicks Luke.
(c) She picks up the phone to call her mom.
(d) She picks up the phone to call her dad.

3. What does Luke listen to while standing in the woods in Chapter 1?
(a) The sound of twigs breaking.
(b) The birds chirping.
(c) The sound of falling trees in the distance.
(d) The creek rushing by.

4. Who had bet Jen that she didn't know what the weather was like outside?
(a) Javier.
(b) Andres.
(c) Martin.
(d) Carlos.

5. Who did Luke's Mother hide her pregnancy from?
(a) A few of her friends.
(b) Her brothers.
(c) Her father and sisters.
(d) Everyone, even her own mother and sisters.

6. What does Jen do when Luke asks her questions about that day he saw her?
(a) She laughs at him.
(b) She slaps his face.
(c) She waves the questions away.
(d) She answers him.

7. Why does Jen say that she looked out the window the day Luke saw her?
(a) She was trying to spy on the neighbors.
(b) She wanted to see if her brothers were home.
(c) She was checking that her mirrors were working properly.
(d) She was looking for birds.

8. After Luke's mother calls him to come into the house from the woods, what does Luke do for the first time in his life?
(a) He runs away and hides.
(b) He comes immediately.
(c) He does not obey right away.
(d) He yells "no" at her.

9. Who does Luke spy driving by the new houses while they are being built?
(a) People in expensive looking cars looking to buy the houses.
(b) People in cheap cars wishing they could buy the houses.
(c) Bus loads of people coming to look at the new houses.
(d) His grandparents.

10. What time does Luke's Mom get home from work?
(a) 6:30 PM.
(b) 5:30 PM.
(c) 7:00 PM.
(d) 6:00 PM.

11. What does the female third child tell Luke she does sometimes just for fun?
(a) Turn the music up really loud and sing along.
(b) Run around outside at night.
(c) Play with fire.
(d) Set off the house alarm.

12. What time of the day is it when Luke sees the blinds flip up and down quickly in an upstairs window of one of the new houses?
(a) 10 PM.
(b) 11 AM.
(c) 10 AM.
(d) 11 PM.

13. Why is Luke afraid he will never be allowed outside again?
(a) Because he did not listen to his mother.
(b) Because he disobeyed his father.
(c) Because he was seen by a stranger.
(d) Because the woods are being cut down.

14. How big are the houses being built next to Luke's home?
(a) Large.
(b) Medium.
(c) Mansions.
(d) Tiny.

15. What does Luke notice about the construction workers he spies on from his room?
(a) They are taking their time with the construction.
(b) They sometimes quit in the middle of the day.
(c) They are in a big hurry to finish the construction.
(d) They will work late into the night.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is so amazing for Luke to look out upon from his room in Chapter 3?

2. What is Luke playing with in Chapter 3 that had once been his favorite toy?

3. Who is going to be living in the new houses being built next to Luke's home?

4. What does the girl, whose house Luke broke into, say about the Government monitoring phone calls?

5. What do Matthew and Mark do while Mom is at work and Dad is fixing the machinery?

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