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Margaret Haddix
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 26 - 30.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What time of day does Jen promise to check outside everyday for Luke's signal?
(a) 8:00 AM.
(b) 12:00 PM.
(c) 9:00 AM.
(d) 10:00 AM.

2. Why does Luke always pause at the bottom of the steps when he comes down for breakfast in the mornings?
(a) To make sure his brothers have left for school.
(b) To make sure his father is away at work.
(c) To make sure no visitors are inside the kitchen.
(d) To make sure everyone is awake.

3. What does Luke notice the house with the third child sometimes leaves open?
(a) The kitchen windown.
(b) The front door.
(c) The back door.
(d) The sliding glass door.

4. What event does Luke recall that made him realize his brothers have never had to hide like him?
(a) His mother's birthday party.
(b) His father's birthday party.
(c) Matthew's birthday party.
(d) Mark's birthday party.

5. While the Garner family is eating dinner in Chapter 1, they hear tires on the gravel driveway. Where does Luke scramble off to?
(a) Under his parent's bed.
(b) In the pantry.
(c) Under the table.
(d) Upstairs to hide.

Short Answer Questions

1. Luke finally signals Jen on the third day after he meets her; what happens?

2. What is Jen shocked to hear that Luke and his family eat, that even her family can't eat?

3. In Chapter 17, how many days does Luke wait for another opportunity to sneak over to Jen's house?

4. In Chapter 5, what does the letter from the Government tell Luke's father to get rid of?

5. What time does Luke's Mom have to be at the factory every day?

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