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Margaret Haddix
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 1 - 5.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Luke's father get angry with him for asking about in Chapter 1?
(a) For asking if he'll be able to look out the windows when people move into the new houses.
(b) For asking when he'll be able to go outside again.
(c) For asking for seconds at dinner.
(d) For asking about why he must sleep in the attic.

2. Why doesn't Luke protest about not being able to eat at the kitchen table anymore?
(a) He knows they will not listen to him.
(b) He is too upset.
(c) He knows his family is only trying to protect him.
(d) He knows he will only get himself in more trouble.

3. Why didn't Luke's parents take the Population Law seriously when they became pregnant?
(a) They were too scared.
(b) The law was new and they figured the Government would get over its foolishness.
(c) They were mad at the Government.
(d) They didn't care what the Government thought.

4. After Mark leaves Luke's room, what does Luke notice light pouring out of in his room?
(a) A small hole in the wall.
(b) The ventilation shafts.
(c) A drain.
(d) Two tiny windows.

5. Why does Luke always pause at the bottom of the steps when he comes down for breakfast in the mornings?
(a) To make sure his father is away at work.
(b) To make sure his brothers have left for school.
(c) To make sure no visitors are inside the kitchen.
(d) To make sure everyone is awake.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who did Luke's Mother hide her pregnancy from?

2. Why does Luke's mother make him sit and eat his breakfast on the bottom step to the attic?

3. What are some of the orders Luke recalls the Government giving his family in the past?

4. What does Luke notice about the construction workers he spies on from his room?

5. What did Luke's mother and father see on TV while pregnant that scared them?

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