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Margaret Haddix
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 21 - 25.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Dad say is the reason for the tax increase on their property?
(a) He wouldn't sell anymore of their farmland, so he is being punished.
(b) The new houses next door have raised the property value of their home.
(c) The government is in financial trouble.
(d) They have been suspected to be harboring a third child.

2. What does Mark yell when he knocks on Luke's bedroom door in Chapter 3?
(a) You in there Lukey?!
(b) Population Police! Open up!
(c) Better hide!
(d) Open loser!

3. What is Jen shocked to hear that Luke and his family eat, that even her family can't eat?
(a) Wheat.
(b) Eggs.
(c) Corn.
(d) Meat.

4. What does the female third child tell Luke she does sometimes just for fun?
(a) Play with fire.
(b) Run around outside at night.
(c) Turn the music up really loud and sing along.
(d) Set off the house alarm.

5. After Luke tells Jen how he found out about her, what is Jen stunned to hear about Luke?
(a) That his parents make him eat breakfast on the stairs.
(b) That his dad yelled at him for cleaning the house and baking bread.
(c) That his brothers tease him about being a third child.
(d) That he has never left his own property and he has been trapped in his house for months.

Short Answer Questions

1. What signal have Jen and Luke decided upon so Luke will know when it's okay to come and visit her again?

2. How does Jen plan on getting to the rally that she has planned?

3. What is Luke delighted to find after his whole family leaves in a hurry in Chapter 8?

4. Since not being able to eat breakfast with the whole family, why doesn't Luke ask for butter for his toast anymore?

5. What does Luke imagine in Chapter 7, which he feels guilty about?

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