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Margaret Haddix
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 21 - 25.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the girl, who's a third child like Luke, do that shocks him?
(a) She kicks Luke.
(b) She picks up the phone to call her mom.
(c) She gives Luke a big hug.
(d) She picks up the phone to call her dad.

2. What do Luke's parents tell him that the Government forced them to sell?
(a) Their car.
(b) Their house.
(c) The woods next to their house.
(d) Their cabin by the lake.

3. What does the girl, whose house Luke broke into, do while she talks on the phone to her dad?
(a) She yawns.
(b) She bites her nails.
(c) She drums her fingers on the table.
(d) She rolls her eyes.

4. What does Dad say is the reason for the tax increase on their property?
(a) They have been suspected to be harboring a third child.
(b) He wouldn't sell anymore of their farmland, so he is being punished.
(c) The new houses next door have raised the property value of their home.
(d) The government is in financial trouble.

5. What has Jen been using her visits with Luke for?
(a) A break in her tedious life.
(b) Breaks from planning her rally.
(c) An excuse to get to know a boy.
(d) Research for how other third children live.

Short Answer Questions

1. While the Garner family is eating dinner in Chapter 1, they hear tires on the gravel driveway. Where does Luke scramble off to?

2. In Chapter 21, Luke's Dad gets a letter from the Government. What do they forbid him from doing?

3. What does the female third child apologize to Luke for after she sees him staring at the door as if he means to make a run for it?

4. What are the names of Jen's chat room friends that Luke is introduced to in Chapter 18?

5. While sitting on the attic step, after how many weeks does Luke finally give up trying to keep up with his family's conversation at meal times?

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