Objects & Places from Among the Hidden

Margaret Haddix
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Population Law 3903

This rule was enacted some 13 years before the start of the book and limits the number of children a woman may bear to two.

The Woods

This place is adjacent to the Garner house and had once guarded the main character's privacy from the outside world.

The Chat Room

This the name of a secret internet site that allows hidden children to meet online and befriend one another.

The Attic Vents

This is what the main character uses as windows.

The Fur Coats

This is the name of what is sued to buy off the Population Police who come to search the house for the main character.

The Mirror System

This is a custom-built installation device that provides a supporting character a safe means of looking out the window.

Lee Grant's I.D. Card

This is the name of the item that allows the main character...

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