Daily Lessons for Teaching Among the Hidden

Margaret Haddix
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Lesson 1 (from Chapters 1 - 5)


Chapters 1 - 5

At the beginning of "Among the Hidden", the main character, Luke, is a quiet, powerless twelve-year-old. He knows nothing about the world he lives in because he's never been outside his own home. The purpose of the lesson is to analyze the character Luke, exploring his maturity level and ideals at this point in the story.


1) Class Discussion: As a class, discuss the examples from the book that demonstrate Luke's maturity level. How do Luke's actions and the things he worries about show how mature he is? Does Luke complain about his life? How does Luke treat the other members of his family? How is he treated by his family? Does Luke take his difficult situation for granted? Is Luke an obedient child?

2) Class Activity: In pairs, students will write a character profile of Luke. Gathering information about the character, evaluating and synthesizing...

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