Among the Hidden Character Descriptions

Margaret Haddix
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Luke Garner

This character is highly sensitive and has taken on adult responsibilities at a young age.

Harlan Garner (Dad)

This character is a strict disciplinarian whose views about marriage are self-serving and chauvinistic.

Edna Garner (Mother)

This character is loving and kind and also the central figure in the main character's life.

Jennifer Rose Talbot

This character is vivacious and spunky with a strong sense of self and believes in the right to equality.

Mr. Talbot

This character is a member of the dreaded Population Police. However, instead of enforcing the evil Population Law, this character is a spy behind enemy lines.

Matthew Garner

This character is the oldest out of his siblings. He is 15 when the story begins and treats his youngest brother as rudely as any typical teenager might treat a younger sibling.

Mark Garner

This character is the second-eldest of his siblings. He is...

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