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Short Answer Questions

1. When did Mrs. Zajac take the same field trip her students were taking with her now?

2. What response did one of Al's critics give after he made a suggestion to the teachers at a meeting?

3. Who was the chief disciplinarian and organizer in Mrs. Zajac's family?

4. Where did Felipe live?

5. What does Robert say to Mrs. Zajac one day to show her he had not done his homework?

Short Essay Questions

1. Who was the new child sent to Mrs. Zajac's class when school resumed after winter break? How did she get to Holyoke and Mrs. Zajac's class?

2. What were some of the other students' projects entered in the science fair? How did Mrs. Zajac feel about the parents who did not help their children with their Science Fair projects?

3. What were some of the differences Mrs. Zajac noticed between the English Mass and the Spanish mass? What did she learn about the Puerto Rican culture by attending the bilingual mass Father Joyce offered?

4. When was the science fair at Kelly School? Why was this event important to the students and their families?

5. How did Mrs. Zajac think the students in her class would react to Clarence's departure from their class? How did they actually respond to Clarence not being in the classroom?

6. Where was Robert during the Science Fair? What did Mrs. Zajac learn about Robert and his efforts to participate in the Science Fair?

7. What were some of the changes January brought to Mrs. Zajac's class and her students?

8. What did Mrs. Zajac and her family do over spring break? Who organized the experience? Why did Mrs. Zajac decide to spend her spring break this way?

9. What did Mrs. Zajac begin to realize about continuing to keep Clarence in her class? What were her options?

10. Where did Mrs. Zajac take her class on a field trip? Why did she choose this place for the children to see? Why was this trip especially important to Judith and Arabella?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss the following quote and its relevance to the book:

"Teachers usually have no way of knowing that they have made a difference in a child's life, even when they have made a dramatic one. But for children who are used to thinking of themselves as stupid or not worth talking to or deserving rape and beatings, a good teacher can provide an astonishing revelation. A good teacher can give a child at least a chance to feel. 'She thinks I'm worth something. Maybe I am.' "

Essay Topic 2

There are many differences in teaching in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries and teaching today. There are also many things in teaching that have remained relatively the same for over a hundred years. Discuss the changes and the constants between teaching in the past and teaching today.

Essay Topic 3

Who were some of the leading people in the history of the philosophy of education? What did each of them believe public education should be in America? Have any of their visions come true? Discuss.

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