Among Others Short Essay - Answer Key

Jo Walton
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1. Who is the narrator of "Among Others"? Where is she going in the opening entry?

The narrator is a ten-year-old girl named Morwenna. It's 1975. There is a legendary "Phurnacite" factory in the town of Abercwmboi, which has apparently ruined the surrounding area with a foul smell and a blight which has killed trees and vegetation. At the start of the novel, Mor and Morwenna have traveled to this factory for the first time alone.

2. Why has Morwenna traveled with her sister to the factory in the opening of the novel?

Morwenna and Mor have traveled at the advice of fairies to cast magical flowers into a pool at the heart of the factory. The girls have been assured the flowers would kill the evil factory. They throw the flowers in the pond and nothing happens. But the headline in the newspaper the next day informs them that the Phurnacite factory is closing its doors.

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