Objects & Places from Among Others

Jo Walton
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South Wales

Morwenna initially lives in this location before fleeing to London.


This is the name of a fictional preparatory school Morwenna attends in London.


Morwenna receives this kind of treatment for her leg, and is greatly helped by the treatments.

Science Fiction Book Club

Morwenna eventually joins this group at the library.

Magical Walking Stick

Morwenna is given this object by the fairies.


This city in Wales is the site of a Phurnacite factory which is harming the natural environment.

Lord of the Rings

This seminal fantasy trilogy by J.R.R. Tolkien is Morwenna's favorite piece of literature.

The Symposium

Sam gives Morwenna a copy of this book.


For Christmas, Morwenna's aunts give her these objects.


To protect herself from her mother's spectral attacks, Morwenna casts this type of spell, a magical protective circle.

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