Among Others Fun Activities

Jo Walton
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Ritual Witchcraft

Give students an opportunity to research the ritual witchcraft practiced by Morwenna in "Among Others", and complete a 2-3 page paper discussing the origins and history of the practices.

Diary Entry

Students should write a 2-3 page diary entry from the point of view of any character of their choosing. What does this character think about? What do they like and dislike?


Ask students to make a collage from old magazines, newspapers, etc. from the point of view of a character from the novel. The collage should represent this character in terms of emotion, clothing, and interests. It can be abstract, but students should be able to explain their choices.

News Article

Ask students to look in their local newspaper for an article that involves some aspect of the novel and bring it to class. They will present it in front of the class and...

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