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Jo Walton
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Pages 13 through 40

• The narrator of "Among Others" is a ten-year-old girl named Morwenna; it is 1975.

• There is a legendary "Phurnacite" factory in the town of Abercwmboi, which has apparently ruined the surrounding area with a foul smell and a blight which has killed trees and vegetation.

• At the start of the novel, Morwenna and her twin sister Mor have traveled to this factory to cast magical flowers into a pool that will kill the evil factory.

• The headline in the newspaper the next day informs them that the Phurnacite factory is closing its doors, so the magic did work.
• Flash-forward four years later, to 1979; Morwenna (now fifteen and walking with a cane) has run away from her mother, traveling from Wales to England to live with her father.

• Morwenna meets her three half-aunts; England is a dreary and decidedly unmagical place with terrible food, and Morwenna is forlorn...

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