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Aravind Adiga
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Essay Topic 1

Danny struggles to understand the meaning of the word “irony.” What does Danny realize is the meaning of the word according to the dictionary? What are some situations where he encounters the word? Why does the use of the word in conversations confuse him?

Essay Topic 2

Danny is from Sri Lanka. What type of place is Sri Lanka? Why does Danny wish to leave his homeland?

Essay Topic 3

What a reader knows about events and characters is determined by the point of view in a book. What is the point of view of the book? How does the point of view influence what readers know about events and people?

Essay Topic 4

Radha is murdered. Who was Radha? What was her relationship with Danny? How would you describe the type of person that she was?

Essay Topic 5

The setting or settings in a book are where the...

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