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1. In Chapter 1, how is the parade described?

The parade is a grand, riotous event that runs on Seventh Avenue from 100th to 140th Street. Tri-color Ethiopian flags fly from windows of homes along the route. Streamers and streamers are thrown at the marchers. Parade participants include bands, Elks, Masons, political and religious organizations, social clubs, and study clubs. At the end of the parade is an official car carrying the Ethiopian envoy.

2. Who is in the open car that comes down the street after the parade, and how is he dressed?

An open car comes down the street at the end of the parade. Inside is a large black man who is wearing a stunning uniform. He wears a mailed shirt covered with golden arabesques, and a tall hat with ostrich plumes. He has a sword at his side in a sheath.

3. Who is Professor Koazhy?

Professor Koazhy is a notorious authority on native African history. He graduated from a Southern insitute and took pos-graduate work in New England. He has taught in the Deep South, been a Baptist ministry, and worked as a mechanic. He lives in New York and lives a mostly intellectual life studying African studies, present-day and ancient.

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