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Claude McKay

Research McKay's life and write a short biography.

Books by McKay

Read another book written by McKay.


Draw a portrait of major characters in the novel.

Newspaper Article

Write a newspaper article about one of the events in the novel.


Create a collage of clothing from the 1930s that various characters might have worn.

Dinner Party

Create a menu for a dinner party that Mrs. Witern or Mrs. Peixota might have served.

Amiable with Big Teeth

Discuss with a group how McKay's novel was found. Discuss why it is such a notable event.


Research Ethiopia, especially the conflict with Italy. Write a few paragraphs discussing what you learned.

Map It

Create a map of Harlem and other areas in New York where characters lived, worked, and socialized.

Gloria Kendall

Create paper dolls of Kendall as the Princess. Using descriptions from the novel, create...

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