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Essay Topic 1

Although not an invited guest, Professor Koazhy joins in the parade and speeches at the beginning of the novel. How is Professor Koazhy’s presence significant? What is the importance of what he says to the audience? Why is he a pivotal character in the proceedings in the first chapter?

Essay Topic 2

The Italian/Ethiopian conflict is an impetus for many events in the novel. How is the conflict between Italy and Ethiopia an impetus for events in the novel? What parallels are there between the conflict between countries and the conflict between communists and Aframericans?

Essay Topic 3

Dorsey Flagg is accused of being a fascist. How and why is Flagg accused of being a fascist? How is the accusation a political ploy?

Essay Topic 4

The Labor Herald seeks to influence public opinion. What is the role of the Labor Herald in the novel? How do...

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