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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 9.10.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What word did Webster argue should have its vowel sound changed to "ee" instead of "eh"?
(a) Beer.
(b) Deaf.
(c) Heft.
(d) Beef.

2. Which is the first factor that Mencken identifies as an immediate impediment to the growth of the American language in Chapter 3.1?
(a) Regional diversity.
(b) Lack of a national literature.
(c) Political disharmony.
(d) Territorial expansiveness.

3. Who is apparently the first literary critic to point out the "enormous gap between the literate and unliterate American"?
(a) Francis Hackett.
(b) I.A. Richards.
(c) Rene Wellek.
(d) Allen Tate.

4. Which organization produced a prospectus in 1913 that warned against extreme English conservatism in the spelling of foreign loan-words?
(a) British Literary Association.
(b) National Education Association.
(c) Society for Pure English.
(d) Simplified Spelling Board.

5. What is frequently omitted in phrases indicated desire or intent, as indicated in Chapter 9.9?
(a) Adverbial modifiers.
(b) Adjectival modifiers.
(c) The subject noun(s).
(d) Verbs of action.

Short Answer Questions

1. What notable author was the first Englishman to carry Americanisms successfully back to his home?

2. Which of the following is not one of the minor differences Mencken lists in Chapter 8.7?

3. How does Mencken characterize the vulgar American habitual use of the double negative?

4. According to the tale spread by William Gifford, what language was supposed to be substituted for English during the Revolutionary War?

5. Who protested the adoption of the broad "a" in an 1857 work entitled "The Autocrat at the Breakfast Table"?

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