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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 9.2 | Chapter 9.3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. According to the report of Beverley, what did a group of soldiers turn into after eating some Jimson Weed?
(a) Somnambulists.
(b) Corpses.
(c) Zombies.
(d) Fools.

2. Which word do Americans use for "angry" that was once an English provincialism considered base?
(a) Pissed.
(b) Irritated.
(c) Mad.
(d) Furious.

3. Which term do English dictionaries all describe as an Americanism from the comparative list in Chapter 4.1, despite the English version being frequently used in America?
(a) Rooster.
(b) Freight.
(c) Hog-pen.
(d) Railroad.

4. What does Mencken say newspaper reporters no longer "slobber" over?
(a) Interviews.
(b) Ceremonies.
(c) Tragedies.
(d) British idioms.

5. In what century did Americans begin to rebel against the capitalization trends dominant in England?
(a) The nineteenth.
(b) The seventeenth.
(c) The eighteenth.
(d) The twentieth.

Short Answer Questions

1. What language does the formalism of English grammarians come from?

2. According to Mencken, how do the Americans consider the precise English use of the indefinite pronoun ("one")?

3. Which of the following groups of immigrants does Mencken claim have a profound effect on not only the American vocabulary, but also its pronunciation and idiom?

4. According to Mencken, which of the following does "one American professor of English" predict will become a spelling form of the future?

5. The prudish reluctance to name what sort of diseases hindered proper preventative information?

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