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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 9.2 | Chapter 9.3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which defender of Americanisms cited by Mencken in Chapter 1.3 states that "Language is made by the people"?
(a) Edgar Jepson.
(b) George Ade.
(c) William Archer.
(d) Richard Aldington.

2. According to Mencken, which title is subject to the greatest divergence in usage?
(a) Professor.
(b) General.
(c) The Honorable.
(d) Doctor.

3. Who is apparently the first literary critic to point out the "enormous gap between the literate and unliterate American"?
(a) Rene Wellek.
(b) I.A. Richards.
(c) Francis Hackett.
(d) Allen Tate.

4. What does John S. Farmer describe the Western vernacular as being?
(a) Irreverent and irrelevant.
(b) Flippant and pointless.
(c) Dry and prolonged.
(d) Racy and pungent.

5. What is the English word for a collection of colleges?
(a) A Cardinal.
(b) A Maltin.
(c) A Collegiate.
(d) A University.

Short Answer Questions

1. From which of the following have the English changed their spelling?

2. Which of the following groups of foreign immigrants does Mencken not attribute influence over American English in Chapter 6.4?

3. What sound did Webster object to inserting in words such as "gradual" and "nature," before the "u"?

4. What event does Mencken credit with strengthening the obfuscation of distinction between American and British English?

5. What word in common honorifics did Edwin S. Gould protest against omitting in 1867?

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