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Short Answer Questions

1. In Act I, what does Teach mention about Bob that Don objects to?

2. Who suggests Fletcher should be brought in to help with the break in?

3. How does Teach describe the bacon that he gets for breakfast?

4. Why does Teach think Bob can't handle the break in by himself?

5. How much is the 1929 penny worth?

Short Essay Questions

1. What happens when Teach and Don talk out their plan for the break in?

2. What kind of mood is Teach in when he first enters the junk shop?

3. What is the importance of time in Act II?

4. Describe Teach's behavior after he hits Bob.

5. Why is Don so upset that Fletcher has not arrived in the evening?

6. Why does Teach hit Bob?

7. What does Teach think about the way Ruthie plays cards?

8. What does Don try to teach Bob at the beginning of the play?

9. Who is the first person to mention that Fletcher is at Masonic Hospital, and why is this important?

10. What does Don show about his business sense when Teach is quizzing him on the penny's value?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Describe how Teach becomes increasingly violent as the play progresses. What evidence do we have of his dangerous nature even before he attacks Bob?

Essay Topic 2

Discuss Bob as a character who ultimately brings out the best in Don. How has Bob shown kindness toward Don? What does Don say to Bob at the end of the play that reflects the best side of his nature?

Essay Topic 3

What causes Teach to destroy Don's shop? What does this scene suggest about Teach's emotional reaction to events not going his way? In what other scenes does he react emotionally when Don makes decisions about the robbery?

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