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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who stole a pig iron from Ruthie?
(a) Fletcher.
(b) Don.
(c) Grace.
(d) Teach.

2. What does Don ask Teach to go and get after he has been hit?
(a) Ice cream.
(b) Sandwiches.
(c) A bag of ice.
(d) His car.

3. At the end of Act II, who does Teach ask if he's mad at him?
(a) Bob.
(b) Fletcher.
(c) Ruthie.
(d) Don.

4. What does Bob say Fletcher broke?
(a) His ankle.
(b) His tooth.
(c) His jaw.
(d) His arm.

5. How much does Bob say he paid for the nickel?
(a) Two dollars.
(b) Fifty dollars.
(c) Eight dollars.
(d) Fifty cents.

6. How many years has Teach been going into The Riverside for coffee?
(a) Twelve years.
(b) Sixteen years.
(c) Six years.
(d) Two years.

7. Why is Teach late returning to the store that night?
(a) His sister called him.
(b) He says his watch broke.
(c) He got stopped by the police.
(d) He went to church.

8. Who tells Bob they will take him to the hospital?
(a) Grace.
(b) His mother.
(c) Don.
(d) Ruthie.

9. Who says Fletcher cheats when he's playing cards?
(a) Fletcher.
(b) Teach.
(c) Grace.
(d) Bob.

10. What is Bob supposed to say about how he got hurt when he checks in at the hospital?
(a) That he fell down the stairs.
(b) He did it to himself.
(c) He had an accident.
(d) He doesn't know how it happened.

11. What does Fletcher spill when he was playing cards?
(a) Fresca.
(b) Candy.
(c) Salsa.
(d) Water.

12. At what point does Bob say, "take me to the hospital"?
(a) When he can't remember his name.
(b) When Teach is asking him about the nickel he has.
(c) When he can't see.
(d) When he feels faint.

13. At midnight, who takes out a gun in the shop?
(a) Fletch.
(b) Bob.
(c) Don.
(d) Teach.

14. What does Don say when Fletcher is late?
(a) He's still at the cafe.
(b) He's late for a reason.
(c) He is talking with the police.
(d) He fell asleep.

15. What does Bob say he needs at the opening of Act II?
(a) More food.
(b) Money.
(c) Love.
(d) A bigger suitcase.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Don say that Teach should have told him during the card game?

2. What does Teach say about the way he looks when he sees his reflection in the shop window?

3. Who hits Teach in Act II?

4. How long does Teach think it will take him to find the combination to a safe in the coin collector's house?

5. At the end of Act II, what does Teach say about his watch?

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