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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 1.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Don's first guess about the value of the 1929 penny that Teach quizzes him on?
(a) Thirty-six dollars.
(b) Two cents.
(c) One dollar.
(d) Twenty.

2. Why does Teach need a nap?
(a) He jogged too much.
(b) He's tired from garden work.
(c) He hasn't slept since before the poker game the night before.
(d) He walked too far with his dog.

3. In Act I, what does Teach mention about Bob that Don objects to?
(a) His drug use.
(b) His age.
(c) His designer clothing.
(d) His background in finance.

4. Why does Don tell Bob he should eat breakfast?
(a) He won't get anything else to eat that day.
(b) It's the most important meal of the day.
(c) It's a long time until lunch.
(d) It's his favorite meal.

5. How much is the 1929 penny worth?
(a) Twenty cents.
(b) Sixty dollars.
(c) Seventy-five cents.
(d) Two dollars.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Act I, what two things does Teach tell Don should be kept separated?

2. What does Bob say Fletcher stole from Ruthie?

3. Who told Teach he doesn't know what the date was on the buffalo nickel that he sold?

4. Who says he's angry, then hurt about bringing Fletcher on board for the break in job?

5. Why does Teach tell Don that he needs to go first class with the break in?

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