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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Don first calls Fletcher, what response does he get?
(a) The phone is busy.
(b) The phone just rings and rings.
(c) The answering machine picks up.
(d) He says no, he won't do it.

2. In reference to the coin book, who says, "this is what I'm saying ... you got to know what you're talking about"?
(a) Earl.
(b) Bob.
(c) Teach.
(d) Fletcher.

3. Why does Don want to see Bob's nickel?
(a) To put it in his case.
(b) To see what condition it is in.
(c) To sell it.
(d) To steal it.

4. What reason does Don give Bob for being at the store so late?
(a) He wants to finish his paperwork.
(b) He has to clean up.
(c) He, Fletch, and Teach are going to play cards.
(d) He's expecting an important call.

5. Why does Teach think they should steal other items besides the coins?
(a) For their troubles.
(b) To help pay Bob's college bills.
(c) To give to their mothers.
(d) To donate to charities.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who says, "you'll be in there under lots of pressure," when he's talking about the break in?

2. What does Don mean when he tells Bob to forget about the break in?

3. Who has Don asked to break into the home of the man who bought the buffalo nickel?

4. Which character speaks first in Act I?

5. What does Teach say about what the coin collector is doing for the weekend?

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