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Act 1

• Don and his gopher Bob are in Don's Resale Shop.

• Don is wondering why Bob has returned early from his job watching someone at a house.

• Bob left his post because he thought the person had gone out the back door.

• Don is upset and tells Bob they had a business deal and his reasons for leaving his post are not good enough.

• He tells Bob that actions count, not intentions.

• Bob says he's sorry, and Don says he's not mad at him.

• Don cleans up his shop from the poker game the night before.

• He tells Bob he's trying to teach him something about business.

• Don uses Fletcher, his poker buddy, as an example of someone who stands for something.

• Don says Fletcher has the skill and talent to arrive at his own conclusions.

• Don and Bob discuss the poker game of the previous evening.

• Fletcher...

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