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David Goodwillie (author)
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is written on the side of the boxes Paige and Keith steal from the highway department building?
(a) Contents under pressure.
(b) Danger, high explosives.
(c) Do not jolt.
(d) Theives will be prosecuted.

2. What are the names of Aidan's handlers?
(a) Connie and Claude.
(b) Jim and Carol.
(c) Carla and Joe.
(d) Jamie and Jason.

3. How does Aidan set out to find more information about Paige Roderick?
(a) Turns it over to the FBI.
(b) Asks Cressida to look into it.
(c) Calls on a friend who's a cop.
(d) Calls his boss for help.

4. What is TCI?
(a) An oil company.
(b) A nuclear power company.
(c) A paper company.
(d) A telephone company.

5. What information is included in the email that contains Paige's photo?
(a) She can lead Aidan to the man responsible.
(b) She made a mistake with the bomb.
(c) She's the one responsible.
(d) She's a member of an activist group.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where did Aidan and Cressida meet?

2. What is Aidan's mother's name?

3. Why doesn't Keith drive all the way to the highway department building?

4. What does Cressida do with the folders on Paige Roderick and Easton St. Clair when she leaves the restaurant?

5. What do Paige, Lindsay, and Keith do in the evenings after dinner?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the typical reaction when Paige is too quiet for a long period and what did her brother say about her ability to do this?

2. Describe where Aidan is and what his life is like as the story opens.

3. How does Lindsay get the message across to Paige that she's in love with Keith and that Paige is to keep her distance?

4. Describe Paige's reaction after she has time to think about the bombing of the Indigo building.

5. What does Aidan say in the message he leaves his mother when he's on the ferry headed to Connecticut?

6. How do Paige and Keith get the explosives they need for the bomb?

7. Describe the problems Aidan and his girlfriend, Cressida, are having?

8. Describe the conversation between Touche and Aidan before leaving for Fisher's Island and why does it make Aidan nervous?

9. Describe the grief Paige and her parents are enduring after Bobby's death and why Paige remains with her parents rather than returning to her job.

10. What is Touche's reaction when Aidan says he's going to Waitsfield?

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