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David Goodwillie (author)
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What time is it when Paige and Keith return to the house?
(a) Midnight.
(b) Shortly after nine in the morning.
(c) Noon.
(d) Shortly after nine in the evening.

2. What causes Lindsay to put the bomb on the wrong floor?
(a) The elevator stopped on the wrong floor.
(b) She didn't put the bomb on the wrong floor.
(c) The building has no thirteenth floor.
(d) She looses count on the way up the stairwell.

3. What is Paige supposed to do while Lindsay and Keith go to New York to leave the bomb?
(a) Begin building their next bomb.
(b) Watch the news for signs their plan was known to police.
(c) Send a message to the media claiming responsibility.
(d) Guard the house.

4. How does Keith propose they break through the fencing at Indian Point when they are discussing that as a target?
(a) With a remote-controlled device.
(b) With a torch.
(c) With wire cutters.
(d) By stealing identification key cards.

5. What does Carter say is the goal of the group in which he's involved?
(a) To protest acts that contribute to sustainable lifestyles.
(b) To make as much noise as possible.
(c) To state an opinion.
(d) To bring attention to environmental offenders.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Touche cooking when Aidan gets up the following morning?

2. Where does Aidan's mother live?

3. Where does Julian Touche's family live?

4. What town does Aidan learn is the location of the phone number he has for Paige?

5. How many bedrooms are in the house where Paige is staying?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe the hotel where Aidan stays when he's looking for Paige.

2. How do Paige and Keith get the explosives they need for the bomb?

3. Describe the problems Aidan and his girlfriend, Cressida, are having?

4. Why is Aidan so worried when he receives an invitation from Carl to join the neighbors for a Christmas event?

5. Why does Paige have a problem with the idea of bombing the nuclear power plant as opposed to bombing a single residential building?

6. What is the typical reaction when Paige is too quiet for a long period and what did her brother say about her ability to do this?

7. Describe the conversation between Touche and Aidan before leaving for Fisher's Island and why does it make Aidan nervous?

8. What does Aidan do for a living and why is he checking email during Cressida's party?

9. Why does Keith say bombing TCI's CEO is not worth their effort?

10. Describe what happens at the paper mill fire that makes Paige leap ahead in the organization?

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