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David Goodwillie (author)
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is to be Paige's role in setting in preparing for the next bombing?
(a) Helping decide when and where.
(b) Helping choose the method of delivering the bomb.
(c) Helping choose the target.
(d) Helping decide how many people they should target.

2. What does Bobby plan to do to the Smokey Mountain Man at the county fair on the year it rained?
(a) Ask him why he steals children.
(b) Poke him with a stick.
(c) Give him some ice cream.
(d) Set him free.

3. What does Keith say is the next target?
(a) National News Network.
(b) Enron.
(c) A slaughterhouse known for its unethical practices.
(d) Indigo Holdings' Washington office.

4. Why does Paige say she's suddenly going against Keith's plan to set a new bomb?
(a) Aidan recognized her.
(b) He's abandoned her.
(c) She realizes it's wrong.
(d) This bomb is designed to kill people.

5. What does Aidan say he's just about to say to Paige when she realizes something's wrong?
(a) He wants to go underground.
(b) He cares about her.
(c) He wants to go to the police.
(d) He believes he can find Keith.

6. What does Simon say the first cell of his underground organization was called?
(a) The Truck Task Force.
(b) The Bike Messengers.
(c) The Cart Pushers.
(d) The Pickup Patrol.

7. What does Paige say is Aidan's reaction when she grabs his arm at the county fair?
(a) He says, 'excuse me.'
(b) He yells.
(c) He is surprised but doesn't pull away.
(d) He jerks out of her grasp.

8. What kind of car does Aidan rent for the drive to his father's house?
(a) A Toyota Corolla.
(b) A Jeep Cherokee.
(c) A Chryslter Sebring.
(d) A Chevrolet Malibu.

9. What does Keith hand Paige when he gets in the car with her?
(a) A bottle of beer.
(b) A cigarette.
(c) A cell phone with a photo of Aidan.
(d) A Xeroxed photo of Aidan.

10. What does Paige realize when she sees the new bomb Keith has built?
(a) It's meant to kill people.
(b) It's likely to go off in the garage.
(c) It's much too powerful for their purpose.
(d) It's never going to go off.

11. Where does Paige say she bought a copy of Kipling's works while she was in college?
(a) From an online book store.
(b) At a used book store.
(c) At the campus textbook store.
(d) From a friend.

12. Where do Jim and Carol say Paige had been hiding prior to her disappearance?
(a) Oklahoma.
(b) Georgia.
(c) Ohio or Indiana.
(d) Illinois.

13. What does Simon say was his name while he was living undercover?
(a) Jerry Hawkrider.
(b) Simon Strothers.
(c) Richard Jones.
(d) Jonathan Glassman

14. Where does the man who offers Paige a ride say he's going?
(a) To the store to get some bread.
(b) To the station to get some gas.
(c) To the post office to pick up his mail.
(d) To town to get a paper.

15. What does Paige say is the effect of Keith's straggly beard?
(a) It makes his eyes seem small.
(b) It's a good disguise.
(c) It makes him ruggedly handsom.
(d) It makes him look like a real rebel.

Short Answer Questions

1. What has changed about Paige's appearance when Aidan arrives to pick her up?

2. What floor does Aidan live on?

3. Whom does Paige say she saw in Aidan's building?

4. Whom is Paige writing a letter to when Aidan comes back from renting his car?

5. Where does Aidan say he believes he and Paige can stay for a night while they sort the situation out?

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