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David Goodwillie (author)
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Touche get to the country club while Aidan is taking a nap?
(a) He rides a bicycle.
(b) He walks.
(c) He takes the Grand Wagoneer.
(d) He doesn't go.

2. What information is included in the email that contains Paige's photo?
(a) She's a member of an activist group.
(b) She's the one responsible.
(c) She can lead Aidan to the man responsible.
(d) She made a mistake with the bomb.

3. What is Touche cooking when Aidan gets up the following morning?
(a) Hashbrowns and pancakes.
(b) Eggs.
(c) Only coffee.
(d) Toast.

4. Which of the following is a fact Touche and Aidan learn about Paige from Brendan?
(a) She has become involved in a radial activists' group.
(b) Her parents live in North Carolina.
(c) Her brother Bobby was killed in Iraq.
(d) She left her job because of Bobby's death.

5. What causes Lindsay to put the bomb on the wrong floor?
(a) The elevator stopped on the wrong floor.
(b) She didn't put the bomb on the wrong floor.
(c) The building has no thirteenth floor.
(d) She looses count on the way up the stairwell.

6. Why doesn't Keith drive all the way to the highway department building?
(a) There isn't a road..
(b) He gets stuck.
(c) He fears they'll be caught.
(d) The road is too bumpy.

7. What historic event happened the day Aidan's parents met?
(a) Armstrong walked on the moon.
(b) Elvis Presley died.
(c) Bill Clinton was sworn into office.
(d) Kennedy was shot.

8. Where do Paige's parents live?
(a) Glendale.
(b) Maggie Valley.
(c) Roland Hills.
(d) Moon Rock.

9. What are the clothes Paige buys for her job in New York?
(a) A skirt, sleeveless top, and low heels.
(b) Jeans, t-shirt, and sneakers.
(c) A uniform pants and shirt used by a deliver service.
(d) A business suit and pumps.

10. What is Paige's father's name?
(a) Larry.
(b) Lawrence.
(c) Levi.
(d) Lawton.

11. How does Aidan set out to find more information about Paige Roderick?
(a) Calls on a friend who's a cop.
(b) Asks Cressida to look into it.
(c) Turns it over to the FBI.
(d) Calls his boss for help.

12. What floor is the apartment on where Keith and Paige stay while they're preparing for the bombing of the Indigo offices?
(a) Eighth.
(b) First.
(c) Thirteenth.
(d) Fourth.

13. How does Aidan describe the building where he's staying?
(a) An abandoned duplex.
(b) A comfortable cottage.
(c) A dilapidated house.
(d) A retrofitted barn.

14. Where are the headquarters of Indigo Holdings?
(a) The Financial District.
(b) Washington, D.C.
(c) Madison Avenue.
(d) George Street.

15. How long have Cressida and Aidan known each other?
(a) About three years.
(b) About a year.
(c) About nine years.
(d) About six years.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do Paige, Lindsay, and Keith do in the evenings after dinner?

2. Why is Paige told to stop attending public demonstrations and rallies?

3. Where does Paige work at the time of her brother's death?

4. What does Keith say to Paige as they're leaving that she realizes is the first time she's heard him lie?

5. What food does Keith bring when he returns the morning after he and Paige make their final plans for the bombing?

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