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David Goodwillie (author)
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where is Paige in the photo Aidan receives by email?
(a) Madison Avenue.
(b) West Twenty-seventh Street.
(c) Fisherman's Wharf.
(d) Rodeo Drive.

2. What does Keith say to Paige as they're leaving that she realizes is the first time she's heard him lie?
(a) I love you.
(b) We're doing the right thing.
(c) Wish you could come with us.
(d) No one will get hurt.

3. Why does Touche suddenly refuse to be involved in the search for Paige?
(a) He doesn't have the money to go with Aidan.
(b) He is supposed to meet his parents.
(c) He wants to spend time with a girl he just met.
(d) He doesn't say.

4. What are the names of Aidan's handlers?
(a) Jim and Carol.
(b) Carla and Joe.
(c) Connie and Claude.
(d) Jamie and Jason.

5. What birthday is Aidan's father celebrating soon?
(a) His sixtieth.
(b) His fifty-ninth.
(c) His fifty-fifth.
(d) His fiftieth.

6. What does ELF stand for?
(a) Earth, Liberty, and Freedom.
(b) Even Less Freedom.
(c) Earth Liberation Front.
(d) Earthly and Literal Freedom.

7. Who is Simon?
(a) Aidan's mother's boyfriend.
(b) Aidan's uncle.
(c) Aidan's father.
(d) A priest who lives in the area.

8. What is the message in the text Cressida sends Aidan after their meeting?
(a) You used to make me laugh.
(b) I don't want to see you any more.
(c) I'm sorry.
(d) Let's make up.

9. What does Aidan say when Touche asks why he hasn't called the police with the information he has about Paige?
(a) He doesn't really believe she's involved.
(b) He has already tried but they don't believe him.
(c) He doesn't say.
(d) He wants to break the story.

10. Where does Indigo Holdings have a set of secondary offices?
(a) Madison Avenue.
(b) The Financial District.
(c) Washington, D.C.
(d) George Street.

11. Why is Paige told to stop attending public demonstrations and rallies?
(a) They want to be sure she won't be photographed or recognized.
(b) They want to be sure she isn't becoming too involved.
(c) They're afraid she's generating too much attention.
(d) They want her to spend her time doing research.

12. How many locks are on Aidan's door?
(a) Four.
(b) Three.
(c) Two .
(d) One.

13. How many bedrooms are in the house where Paige is staying?
(a) One.
(b) Three.
(c) Five.
(d) Two.

14. What is Aidan's mother's name?
(a) Sharon.
(b) Suzette.
(c) Susan.
(d) Sherry.

15. What are the clothes Paige buys for her job in New York?
(a) Jeans, t-shirt, and sneakers.
(b) A uniform pants and shirt used by a deliver service.
(c) A skirt, sleeveless top, and low heels.
(d) A business suit and pumps.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Carter say is the goal of the group in which he's involved?

2. Where does Paige work at the time of her brother's death?

3. Where is Aidan when Cressida joins him?

4. Where is Aidan supposed to meet Touche for the trip to Fisher's Island?

5. What does Paige say there are six of on the surface of the moon?

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