Objects & Places from American Subversive

David Goodwillie (author)
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New York City

The setting for most of the action in the book.

Waitsfield, VT

The location of the safe house where Keith, Lindsay, and Paige stay to plan upcoming Actions.

Litchfield, CT

Where Aidan's dad lives.

Shady, NY

Where Aidan's mom and Simon live.

Fishers Island

Where the photograph was taken of Paige that initially sparks Aidan's interest in her.

Retrofitted Barn

The building that is turned into a safe house where Aiden is taken.

Columbus, OH

The location of the safe house where Paige is taken after the N3 bombing.

Mad Mountain Motel

Where Aidan stays outside Waitsfield, VT when he searches for Paige.

County Fair

The event that's happening when Paige first confronts Aidan about searching for her.

Liberty Inn

Where Paige hides after being seen by Cressida.

Chatham Square

The location of the apartment where Keith and Paige go to prepare for Barney's.

660 Madison Ave

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