Daily Lessons for Teaching American Subversive

David Goodwillie (author)
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Lesson 1 (from Section 1: pages 1-20)


Section 1: pages 1-20

The opening pages of the book include a great deal of foreshadowing. The objective of this lesson is to make students aware of the use of foreshadowing in literature.


1) Class Discussion: Ask students to define the word, "foreshadow." Encourage the use of examples.

2) Essay: Have students write a brief essay explaining what they believe the foreshadowing means. Encourage them to point to specific statements as a reason they believe a particular thing is going to happen. Hold onto the essays and refer to them as the book comes to a close to see who read the correct clues from the story.

3) Class Discussion: Ask students for various ways authors and others use and indicate foreshadowing. For example, help students realize a movie producer might depend on a specific kind of music to help establish foreshadowing.

4) Homework: Have students answer this question, "Does...

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