American Subversive Fun Activities

David Goodwillie (author)
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Create a Disguise

Have students create a disguise they might use if they were fugitives (or simply hiding from someone).

Simon's Art

Have students create a piece of art similar to that Simon might produce. Encourage the use of various materials.

Be a Handler

Have students pretend to be handlers for someone who is a member of an activist organization. They should find a good place for the activist to live and figure out ways to provide for their basic needs in the least conspicuous way possible.

Get Busy Blogging

Have students create a blog and keep it manned for a period of time. Encourage them to choose their favorite bloggers from the class. As an alternative, create a class blog and have students add an entry each day for two or three days.

Protect from Terrorist Attack

Pretend an activist group is planning an attack on a...

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