American Subversive Character Descriptions

David Goodwillie (author)
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Aidan Cole

As the main narrator of the story, he writes a blog called and lives in New York City.

Paige Roderick

A beautiful, young woman who becomes involved with activist groups after her brother Bobby is killed in Iraq.

Simon Krauss

Susan Cole's boyfriend, a famous artist, and Keith Sutter's patron.

Julian Touche

Aidan's best friend, who is ridiculously wealthy and frivolous. `

Cressida Kent

Aidan's girlfriend and a reporter for the New York Times.

Keith Sutter

The leader of the activist group that bombs Indigo Holdings.


The third member of the activist group who is in love with Keith.

Derrick Franklin

Aidan's boss.

Bill Cole

Aidan's father.

Susan Cole nee Hamlin

Aidan's mom and Simon's girl friend.


Paige's older brother who is killed in Iraq.

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