American Subversive Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

David Goodwillie (author)
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Section 1: pages 1-20

• As the story opens, Aidan is writing his memories from a retrofitted barn.

• He says his handler arrives twice as week and that if any car arrives without giving the proper signal, he's to run away and hide.

• Aidan says he and Paige are far from innocent and have pledged to write their stories as best they can remember with the intention of someday merging the two.

• Aidan has a girlfriend named Cressida who is a journalist but they have been fighting because she's writing about their relationship in a regular column she produces.

• Aidan has a good friend named Julian Touche' who arrived in America from Venezuela because his father is involved in political upheaval and wants Julian to be safe.

• Aidan is a professional blogger and checks his email to find a photo of a woman near Barney's, the site of a recent...

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