American Street Short Essay - Answer Key

Ibi Zoboi
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1. What happens in the New York Airport in Chapter 1? What had Fabiola and her mother been planning?

In the New York Airport, Fabiola's mother is taken by customs. Fabiola and her mother had been planning to stay in Detroit even though her mother is a Haitian citizen.

2. Who does Fabiola ask for help in the Detroit airport in Chapter 1? What is she told?

Fabiola asks a security officer, Deborah Howard, for help in the Detroit airport. She is told to go to the baggage claim and come back in the morning.

3. What surprises Fabiola about the Detroit airport in Chapter 1? Who is she meeting?

Fabiola is surprised in the Detroit airport that there is such a mix of white and non-white. She is meeting her cousins, Primadonna, Princess, Chantal, and her Aunt Majoria.

4. What does Fabiola tell her cousins about her mother in Chapter 2? What do her cousins say?

Fabiola tells her cousins that her mother was detained. Her cousins say their mother will take care of it.

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