Objects & Places from American Street

Ibi Zoboi
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This place in Haiti is the home town of the character. It is known for not having things working and having to struggle to make ends meet.


This location in America used to be the site of industrialization and the car industry. After "white flight," it became a predominately black neighborhood.


These are spirit guides in voduo culture for showing the way to its worshippers in return for offerings. There are many different types of these for different parts of life.

Papa Legwa

This is a lwa who stands at the crossroads between the lwas and the mortal world. He represents crossroads and changes.

Baron Samedi

This is a lwa who is the keeper of death and guardian of the cemetery. To Fabiola, one character represents this lwa with his love/hate for her cousin.


This is a lwa who is a woman with...

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